Minyoung Jeong

所属: CTO, BeatPacking Company

A developer dreaming to change the world with software and services. He worked for 10 years in startup and now CTO of The BeatPacking Company to make free radio app “Beat”. He is interested in web scale services and realtime stream processing. Also he has been a leader of AWS Korean user group since 2012 and AWS Community Hero in the first APAC area.

How to optimise cost in Startup with Spot Instances?

トラック: JAWS-UG出張勉強会

We will introduce the activities of Korean user group in the first and how many startups improved their services with AWS Cloud in initial user community in Korea. Especially we introduce Spot instances of AWS Cloud and cost optimisation examples of Spot/On-demand combination model for Beat mobile app to cover over 6 million users and reduce 97% cost per user in Tokyo Region.